Lead high performing teams with less annoying admin work

Keep conversations focused on action with shared agendas and facilitate rich discussions by embedding work apps right into your notes.

Calendar Integration

Free up your most valuable resource: your employees' time

Topicflow automatically organizes all meeting notes, action items and decisions according to your calendar.

Stop building up documentation in messy folders and reduce up to 2 hours of meeting-related admin work per week.
Personalized Dashboard

Less time spent in meetings, more time spent being productive

Topicflow creates clarity, promotes accountability, and facilitates action by extracting the Action Items created in your meeting notes and pushing them to each individual's dashboard for day-to-day use.
URL Embed

Bring your work into the meeting

Topicflow allows you to embed URLs into your meeting, enriching your meeting with interactive links to the other tools that you spend your time in.
Performance Management, reimagined with AI.
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