Hi, we're Topicflow.

We are a new startup based in Vancouver, Canada. But we are not new to this space. Before Topicflow, we built 7Geese. It was the first OKR and continuous performance management product in the market. We were one of the market leaders and grew the company to serve hundreds of global customers. We got acquired in 2020 by a US-based Human Capital Management company.

After our acquisition, we decided to build a next generation product from the ground up. We talked to hundreds of business leaders and identified that many products in this space fail to get adoption. They need a lot of work to keep updated. They are rigid and don't work with dynamic teams. They are not integrated with the tools teams use and are not accessible in meetings.

We are solving these problems with a science-backed approach. Having effective conversations is the single most important factor in driving performance. With Topicflow, we enable teams to have effective conversations around goals and results. When companies deliver results, the quality of life increases in society. This drives our motivation to build the best product that enables you to achieve results.