Hi, we're Topicflow.

We are a new startup based in Vancouver, Canada. But we are not new to this space. Before Topicflow, we built 7Geese in 2010. It was the world's first OKR and continuous performance management product. We were one of the market leaders and grew the company to serve hundreds of global customers. We were acquired in 2020 by a US-based Human Capital Management company.

After our acquisition, we decided to build a next-generation performance management product. We talked to hundreds of business leaders. We realized that performance management products are not designed to improve performance. Managers don't rely on these tools to drive high-performing teams. They only use these tools because they are mandated to do so.

We want to change that using the latest technologies and evidence-based practices. Evidence shows having effective conversations is the most important factor in driving performance. We are leveraging AI to help managers discuss the right topics that drive high performance. All in the flow of their work without stopping the company. That's how we came up with the name Topicflow.

Amin PalizbanCEO
Amin Palizban
Tony AngerilliCTO
Tony Angerilli
Max ParmentierEngineering
Max Parmentier
Gavin JohnstonGrowth
Gavin Johnston

Founding team

We have over a decade of experience working together and building performance management products. We were all part of the 7Geese team and are now excited to push the envelope further with Topicflow.

Our mission is to enable organizations to achieve the highest levels of performance possible. We know that when organizations are performing, the quality of life increases for everyone.