Make an impression during client meetings

Capture takeaways, create shared accountability, and keep everybody up to date with meeting notes

Internal and External Participants

Works with or without client participation

Invite your clients into Topicflow to collaborate, or simply use it internally to keep track of commitments on their behalf. Action Items can be assigned to any meeting guest even if they don't have a Topicflow account, allowing you to keep everyone accountable.
Dynamic Meeting History

Create meeting threads on the fly

Bridge the gap between disparate meetings. All meetings in Topicflow can be linked through common properties (like your client's name, for example). Topicflow creates a single, searchable timeline to create an all-in-one view for you to manage every point of contact.
Meeting Summary Emails

Keep everyone on the same page

Automatically send a summary of the meeting, including decisions and action items, even if somebody couldn't attend the meeting.
Every meeting matters.
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