Getting your organization ready for the HR AI transformation - (Session #1)

AI transformation is the new reality. It’s time to ready your organization and your people for this change. Embracing AI has the potential to yield big results especially in how we operate in HR. It has the ability to drive administrative efficiencies, increased accuracy in our processes, increased productivity and overall, the capacity to drive a far stronger employee experience…only if we do it right. The path to successful AI integration requires careful planning, skill development, and strategic change management.

This webinar will provide you with the insights and tools needed to navigate this transformation smoothly, ensuring your organization is well-prepared to leverage AI technologies for enhanced HR processes and a superior employee experience. Join us to learn from Wendy Pat Fong and Libby Stewart to gain practical knowledge on how to make AI work for your HR team and organization.

Areas we will discuss:

  • State of Innovative AI Transformation: Insights on the trends for AI application in the HR space.
  • Change management and readiness: Best practices from a technological and people’s perspective for successful adoption of AI.
  • Getting started: Understanding your company readiness and future employee experience before finding the right tools and applications to make it come alive.
  • The human element: Maintaining & growing our involvement with AI.
Libby Stewart
Libby Stewart
Libby is an org psychologist deeply passionate about behaviour science. Her expertise encompasses leadership development, coaching and strategic management. In her previous roles, Libby has leveraged her knowledge to build strong talent management practices. She is the cofounder of Shape Society.
Wendy Pat Fong
Wendy Pat Fong
Wendy is currently a senior PM at Microsoft. Traditionally trained as an HR professional, she has found her calling in operations while maintaining a human-centric approach to performance. Having held different roles such as Chief of Staff and Strategic OKR consultant for companies of all sizes, Wendy has strengthened her expertise of strategy to execution alignment and leadership facilitation.
30 minutes
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Performance management, reimagined with AI.