Strategic Goal Setting: Elevating HR's Role

Discover the transformative power of continuous goal management in our latest webinar. Dive deep into how embedding goal setting into your organization's DNA can catalyze performance and drive success. Uncover the strategies to make goal setting the backbone of clear expectations and accountability, fostering ongoing performance discussions that matter.

Focus area:

  • Strategic HR Leadership: Learn how HR can champion goal setting to secure a strategic role within the leadership framework.
  • Influence Organizational Direction: Utilize goal setting as a tool for HR to influence and drive the overall direction of the organization.
  • Structured Approaches for Team Potential: Discover how structured, goal-oriented approaches can unlock the full potential of your teams.
  • Aligning Team Objectives: Explore how to ensure your team's goals align seamlessly with the organization's overarching ambitions.

Join us to explore practical insights on leveraging goals for maximum impact, ensuring your team's objectives align seamlessly with your organization's overarching ambitions.

Wendy Pat Fong
Wendy Pat Fong
Wendy is currently a senior PM at Microsoft. Traditionally trained as an HR professional, she has found her calling in operations while maintaining a human-centric approach to performance. Having held different roles such as Chief of Staff and Strategic OKR consultant for companies of all sizes, Wendy has strengthened her expertise of strategy to execution alignment and leadership facilitation.
30 minutes
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