Redefining Performance Management in a Distributed World

As the landscape of work shifts dramatically towards remote environments, mastering the art of managing distributed teams becomes paramount. This groundbreaking webinar dives deep into the complexities of remote team management, uncovering innovative strategies that empower you to lead with confidence and finesse.

What we will cover:

  • Optimizing virtual collaboration tools to enhance team communication.
  • Mastering asynchronous communication to integrate diverse schedules.
  • Implementing inclusive leadership practices to foster respect and belonging.
  • Boosting team engagement and motivation in virtual settings.
  • Enhancing performance tracking to measure and improve outcomes.

This session is designed for leaders aiming to transform their approach to remote management. We’ll provide actionable insights and practical tips to elevate your leadership and ensure your team thrives in a distributed setting.

Libby Stewart
Libby Stewart
Libby is an org psychologist deeply passionate about behaviour science. Her expertise encompasses leadership development, coaching and strategic management. In her previous roles, Libby has leveraged her knowledge to build strong talent management practices. She is the cofounder of Shape Society.
Robert “Bob” St-Jacques
Robert “Bob” St-Jacques
Robert “Bob” is the VP of HR at the University of the People. With a rich background in HR, Bob has led teams across the globe, managing 12,000 employees at a major construction company with projects like the Dubai Palm, Burj Khalifa, and Marina Bay Sands. He also spearheaded HR at a startup that successfully made Star Wars movies and helped scale a leading online video streaming service in emerging markets, reaching over a billion people.
60 minutes
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