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Employee Promotion Performance Review

If an employee wishes to pursue a promotion, this is a helpful conversation to begin the assessment. Open up the conversation to show support and allow them to sell you on their strengths.
Employee Promotion Performance Review
MeetingAction itemsDecisions
Tell me about your experience with [specific job responsibility].
What have you found to be the most difficult part of [specific job responsibility]?
How do you go about tackling challenges with [specific job responsibility]?
Can you give me a specific example of a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation with [specific job responsibility]?
What do you think is the key to success with [specific job responsibility]?
What strategies do you use to stay organized and keep on top of your work with [specific job responsibility]?
Can you think of a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty with [specific job responsibility]?
What do you think sets you apart from other employees when it comes to [specific job responsibility]?
What are your long-term career aspirations with regards to [specific job responsibility]?
Do you have any questions for me about the position or the company?
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Peer 1-on-1
What projects are you focused on right now?
Do we have any overlaps where we could collaborate?
How might my team help your team over the next few weeks?
What’s something we could change that would help your team?
What's something I could start doing to make your job easier?
Do you have any positive or constructive feedback about my team?
Peer 1-on-1
As traditional hierarchies become less dominant in organizational structures, lateral support becomes more and more important. This template can help build those bridges as a way to structure conversations between you and a team member, or you and a member of another team.
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Your First 1-on-1 with a new Team Member
How do you prefer to communicate?
What does your ideal, productive work day look like to you?
Is there anything about your role or the tasks you're working on that needs clarification?
How do you respond to stress, and how do you prefer to be supported?
What’s most important to you in your career?
Is there anything else on your mind you would like to discuss?
Your First 1-on-1 with a new Team Member
Set the right tone and create mutual understanding with your new team member using this 1-on-1 template.
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New Employee Check-In
How is your onboarding coming?
How’s your experience been working with the team? Can we do anything to improve our team culture?
How could we improve our team’s level of communication/collaboration?
How might we improve our meeting routines?
Is there anything you would like me to do differently regarding our relationship (more or less direction, how I provide feedback, things I should start/stop doing, etc)?
Is there anything I could do as a manager to make your work experience better?
Do you have any feedback for myself or for the team?
Are there any problems or issues that I should know about?
Is there anything else you want to talk about?
New Employee Check-In
Onboarding can be tricky. By using this 1-on-1 template on a weekly basis for the first 2-4 weeks of your new team member joining, you can provide them with the necessary support they need as well as obtain fresh feedback on your onboarding process.
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