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Checking in on stress

If you detect high stress levels with any of your direct reports, try using this 1-on-1 approach to help them identify ways to improve upon how their feeling.
Checking in on stress
MeetingAction itemsDecisions
Is anything stressing you out at the moment?
How much of it is within our control to influence? What can we do to reduce unnecessary stress?
How do you disconnect and recharge at the end of the day or during breaks?
What would a better work-life balance look like for you?
Thinking back over the past few weeks/months, when have your stress levels been at their worst and at their best?
More 1-on-1 Templates for Managers Seeking Feedback
This collection of templates can help managers better understand how their team members are feeling about a variety of common and important subjects.
Checking in on remote work
What do you like most / least about working from home?
What is your work setup like? Is there anything that needs improvement?
Have you encountered any technology issues?
Have you encountered any productivity issues (focus, burnout, etc)?
How do you manage distractions during the day? Is it a challenge for you?
How do you disconnect and recharge at the end of the day or during breaks?
What challenges have you faced compared to in-person work?
How effective are our remote meetings (on a scale from 1-10) ?
Do you think our decision-making processes include those that work remotely?
Do you feel that the company supports remote staff effectively? How can we support you more?
Checking in on remote work
This conversation should be had periodically with any fully or partially remote team. If you want to get the most out of your decentralized team, consider using this template quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
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Assessing your approach to feedback and development
How does our current feedback system work for you?
Should anything change to improve it? What would you do differently?
What actions need to take place to make that a reality?
When should we revisit these changes and how should we judge whether or not they’ve had a positive impact?
Assessing your approach to feedback and development
Managers that wish to leverage team member feedback in their self development should utilize this template with this team members either as individuals during 1-on-1s or in a group setting.
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