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Quarterly Goal Review

This template is designed to help managers and their reports assess past goals and plan for future goals in a collaborative way.
Quarterly Goal Review
MeetingAction itemsDecisions
Where did we find success?
What are you proudest of?
Where did we fall short?
What did we learn?
What do you want to accomplish in the next quarter?
How will you measure the success of those goals?
What are the next steps towards achieving those goals?
What could happen that would prevent you from hitting your goals?
What can I do to support you and how can I be a better manager for you?
More Conversational Performance-Based Templates for Managers
These templates are a fantastic way for managers to develop their team members in a more conversational way, especially for organizations that do not have regimented performance evaluations.
Performance-Oriented 1-on-1
What goals are you currently focused on?
How have things progressed since we last spoke?
Is anything standing in the way of success? What can we do to overcome these obstacles
What recent accomplishments are you proud of that people don’t know about?
Do you feel you’re growing toward where you want to be?
Are there any new goals we should be working towards?
What needs to be done next, and what can we commit to before our next meeting?
What other decisions need to be resolved?
Performance-Oriented 1-on-1
A fantastic, conversational substitute to more traditional, structured performance reviews. Use this template to create constructive conversations with your team members around their performance.
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Monthly Priority Assessment and Alignment
Let’s define your priorities for the next month.
How do each of your goals align with our team’s goals?
In addition to your team-oriented goals, do you have any personal development goals?
Does anything feel harder than it should? Is there anything slowing you down or side-tracking you (e.g. technology, tools, colleagues, meetings, disorganization, skills gaps, etc)? How can I help?
Is there anything you’re not looking forward to or avoiding doing? How can I help?
Monthly Priority Assessment and Alignment
This template is designed to create, maintain or reorient focus.
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Quarterly Strengths Discussion
What are your greatest strengths?
Are any of your greatest strengths being under-utilized?
How can we utilize them better?
How can we develop them further into super-strengths?
What are the areas/skills you don’t feel as strong in?
Of the ones you have a want/need to improve upon (core or critical to your role), how can we improve upon them?
Of the ones you don’t have a want/need to improve upon, how can we mitigate their impact and keep you focused on your strengths?
Quarterly Strengths Discussion
Use this template to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. Discover better ways to leverage their strengths and interested, mitigating the potential negative impact of their weaknesses, and develop them in a way that gets them excited.
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