15Five is a software platform that focuses on performance management and feedback processes within organizations. With features like performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, career management, and a weekly pulse survey, 15Five aims to enhance employee engagement, facilitate continuous feedback, and support performance improvement.


15Five's performance management features are among its main strengths. The platform offers performance reviews, enabling organizations to conduct structured evaluations and provide feedback to employees. Additionally, the inclusion of 360-degree feedback allows for a more holistic assessment, leveraging insights from multiple perspectives.

The weekly pulse survey feature provides a valuable mechanism for gathering regular employee feedback and sentiment analysis. This real-time feedback loop can help organizations identify trends, address concerns, and make data-driven decisions to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

Furthermore, 15Five offers a free trial directly from their website, allowing users to experience the platform firsthand and assess its suitability for their organization before committing to a purchase.


One limitation of 15Five is its focus primarily on HR processes, which may limit its applicability for organizations seeking a more comprehensive solution. The platform's OKR (Objectives and Key Results) goal-setting process is not as robust compared to dedicated OKR platforms. Similarly, 15Five does not provide a dedicated KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard or task management features, which could be important for organizations looking for broader performance management capabilities.

The career management aspect of 15Five is considered weaker in comparison to platforms like Lattice, which specialize in this area. Organizations seeking a more robust career development framework may find 15Five's career management features to be limited.

The performance review process within 15Five may face challenges when it comes to implementation and adoption. The infrequency of using the tool for performance reviews, typically once or twice a year, can make it difficult to establish a consistent and ongoing feedback culture. This can result in users perceiving the platform more as a tool for reviews rather than a weekly feedback and engagement platform.

Who is this software best for?

15Five is best suited for organizations that prioritize performance management processes and continuous feedback. It caters to HR departments and managers seeking a dedicated platform for conducting performance reviews, gathering employee feedback, and supporting career management.

The platform's weekly pulse survey feature makes it particularly attractive to organizations focused on employee engagement and sentiment analysis. The ability to gather regular feedback can provide valuable insights for addressing concerns and improving employee satisfaction.

However, organizations looking for a more comprehensive performance management solution that includes OKR goal-setting, KPI dashboards, and task management may find 15Five's feature set to be limited in those areas.

15Five offers performance management and feedback-focused features that cater to HR processes and continuous feedback loops. While it excels in performance reviews and weekly pulse surveys, its coverage of other performance management aspects may be less robust. The platform's suitability depends on the organization's specific needs and priorities.

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