Have you ever been in an all hands meeting hearing for the nth times the company strategy that has not changed in months or years? That might sound annoying but I do think that leaders need to repeat themselves over and over regarding the company strategy and its goals.

Repeating your strategic goals is a great leadership practice for couple reasons:

  • You ensure everyone is on the same page whether an employee joined 5 years ago or 5 weeks ago. Employees attend different meetings during the day, repeating the company goals & strategy guarantees everyone gets the key messages.
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the tactical work and to forget the big picture. By frequently referencing the strategic goals in meetings, you align your teams on the work that needs to be done to achieve these goals. This creates clarity and focus. It simplifies the work that teams need to do to prioritize the tasks that contribute to these strategic goals.
  • By making sure everybody understand the strategy and goals, you empowers team members to make decisions that align with these overarching goals. It creates a sense of shared purpose, and signals that their work matter.
  • Finally, it allows frequent monitoring on the goal progress. Teams can assess achievements, celebrate milestones or identify where support and course correction might be needed. This ongoing evaluation allows teams to stay on track.

So leaders… make it a habit! Repeating the company strategic goals will foster a culture of accountability and achievement by creating alignment, focus and purpose for your teams. Don’t skip it!