For decades, performance management software has focused on making the performance review process easier. While the intention has been good, we have forgotten the most important goal of performance management, which is to improve performance.

At Topicflow, we are using AI and evidence-based practices to drive performance in real-time. We have developed a new model shown in the diagram below that focuses on three parts:

Introducing Topicflow performance management model

Setting expectations and reviewing them frequently.

The world is changing so rapidly that it is no longer possible for any person or team to have static expectations and goals that don't change throughout the year. We enable customers to set goals and OKRs, track KPIs and set growth expectations around them, and have a living success profile that shows employee responsibilities and priorities.

Having continuous performance conversations.

Performance is only improved through conversations and coaching. We enable managers to have 1-on-1s and performance check-ins that are data-driven. We also enable them to have team performance conversations that are focused on business outcomes and how to make sure to achieve them. Recognition can be publicly given to employees while critical feedback can be easily tracked and delivered in private conversations.

Rapid assessments.

Assessments/ratings have been the topic of debate in the past decade and evolved. Some companies like Block are moving towards a simple but frequent 3-point assessment (below expectation, meeting expectations, exceeding expectations). With Topicflow, we enable customers to transition to these newer models of ratings. We also believe that manager effectiveness should be frequently assessed as managers have the most important role in driving employee performance. We enable this with anonymous employee surveys as well as system data (are managers conducting coaching conversations, setting good goals, giving recognition/feedback).


Manager effectiveness

We are just getting started with Topicflow and would love to partner with companies to build and evolve our model. If you are interested in working with us, get in touch with us.