Connecting a KPI to Zapier

If you would like to automatically update your KPIs in Topicflow, but the source of truth is not yet supported with a native Topicflow integration, you might be able to use Zapier in conjunction with the Topicflows KPI webhooks feature.

To start, you will need a Zapier account. Once you are logged in, create a new Zap and connect it to the service you are interested in integrating with as a trigger (see the Zapier documentation for instructions on how to do this).

Then, connect your event source to the "Webhooks by Zapier" module, configured to use a POST event. In the Action tab, set the URL to your Topicflow KPI webhook URL. Set the payload type to "JSON", and in the "Data" section, set either a "measurement" or "increment" variable (see our webhook documentation to determine which is appropriate for your situation).

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