Acknowledging the accomplishments of your team is essential for maintaining high morale and fostering engagement in company goals. That's why we've introduced "Recognitions" to our platform!

Recognition embed

There are 2 ways to create a recognition:

On the dashboard or explorer, simply click "New," and then choose the recognition type in the dialog.

Recognition new button

Alternatively, while taking meeting notes, type /recognition to initiate the process

Recognition command

In the dialog, craft your message and select the recipients who deserve the recognition. Click "Save" to create the recognition.

Recognition command

Here are a few important notes:

  • Recipients will receive an email notification once you create the recognition.
  • To embed the recognition in your meeting notes, you can copy paste the recognition link in the notes.
  • For easy access and management, you can view and filter all recognitions in the Explorer.

By celebrating successes and appreciating your team's achievements, you foster a positive and motivated work environment. Recognitions are a valuable way to show appreciation and encourage continued dedication. Try it out and see the positive impact it brings to your team!