Quantive is a comprehensive strategy-to-execution platform designed to support long-term planning, complex OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), and scorecards. With features for monitoring KPIs and setting up alerts, Quantive enables organizations to track performance and drive strategic outcomes.


Quantive's biggest strength lies in its full-spectrum approach to strategy execution. The platform offers a range of features for long-term planning, complex OKRs, KPI tracking, and scorecard management. This comprehensive suite of tools enables organizations to align their goals, track performance, and drive execution towards desired outcomes.

The ability to monitor KPIs and set up alerts is a valuable feature of Quantive. This allows organizations to stay informed in real-time, receiving notifications when key metrics require attention or fall outside defined thresholds. This proactive approach to monitoring empowers teams to address issues promptly and make data-driven decisions to drive performance.


Despite its strengths, Quantive faces challenges in certain areas. The complex OKR process may be difficult to roll out and implement across the organization, requiring dedicated effort and resources. Connecting processes to meetings and conducting result-driven 1-on-1 and team meetings within the platform may not be as seamless, potentially hindering effective collaboration and alignment.

Furthermore, getting everyone on board and actively using Quantive can be a challenge. Adoption may require additional efforts in terms of training, communication, and change management to ensure widespread engagement and utilization of the platform.

Quantive's pricing structure, with three different product packages, may result in higher costs for organizations, potentially making it an expensive investment depending on the desired features and scale of implementation.

Who is this software best for?

Quantive is best suited for organizations seeking a comprehensive strategy execution platform with a focus on long-term planning, complex OKRs, KPI tracking, and scorecard management. It caters to teams and departments aiming to align their strategic goals, track performance, and drive execution across the organization.

The ability to monitor KPIs and receive alerts makes Quantive particularly attractive to organizations that require real-time performance insights and proactive management of key metrics.

However, organizations looking for seamless integration of processes into meetings, as well as a strong focus on result-driven 1-on-1 and team meetings, may find Quantive's capabilities in these areas to be less robust.

In summary, Quantive provides a full strategy-to-execution platform, offering features for long-term planning, complex OKRs, KPI tracking, and scorecard management. While it excels in these areas, challenges may arise in rolling out complex OKR processes, connecting processes to meetings, and ensuring widespread adoption. The pricing structure and the absence of a free trial may also impact the accessibility for potential users.

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