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Program Benefits
  • Explore Topicflow's full suite of features for 3 months for free.
  • Secure a 50% discount after the initial 3-month trial.
  • Leverage our professional services team for process customization at no cost.
  • Receive personalized and free customer support for seamless Topicflow setup and roll–out.
  • Access complimentary training sessions on key topics like goal-setting and performance management.
  • Free access to our development team to connect Topicflow to external tools you use every day.
  • Directly contribute to Topicflow's evolution by working with our product team through feature requests and feedback.
  • Direct connection with our senior leadership team and CEO for valuable insights.
Program Qualification
  • Qualifying organizations would need to have between 20-500 employees.
  • Topicflow would need to be rolled out to your entire organization within 30 days after signing up.
  • The program is limited to 20 total partner companies.
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